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Product name:Grooving machine for floor

Multi chip saw MJ1280-B
1, as the band saw spindle lifting, reading configuration display, full dust cover, safety protection device.
2, spindle speed 2550m/min.
3, spindle motor power 11KW.
4, feed motor power 1.5KW.
5, feeding speed of 4 ~ 15m/mim; before and after the three groups of feeding roller, automatic feeding, on the roller using synchronous lifting design.
6, blade diameter phi 220mm.
7, the largest feed plate width 1350mm; thickness of 5 ~ 30mm.
8, the feed plate width not less than 600mm; the length of not less than 550 mm.
9, open the blank, processing out of the finished product of the narrowest not less than 25 mm.
10, above the main shaft of the configuration of a set of auxiliary roller.
11, size: length 2200mmX width 1800mmX high 1250mm.
Device is applicable to solid wood composite floor, strengthen composite floors, furniture, environmental protection sound-absorbing panels, u, V type decoration board, wooden packing box, Glulam, photo frame, the bed row skeleton /4*8 sheet a saw cut into a plurality of equal or different specifications and materials processing; and on the surface of the plate saw a different depth of the pit. Precision saw shaft to ensure that the saw cut out of the plate finish and straightness precision.