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Product name:PVC free foming board extrusion line

PVC free foam board extrusion production line
PVC free foam board is widely used in buses, trains ceiling, box core, interior decoration board, building wall panels, interior decoration and board, office, residential, public building compartment and commercial decorative frame, clean room board, ceiling board, screen printing, computer engraving, advertising signs, panels, signs with album board board industry and chemical anti-corrosion engineering, thermoforming, with cold plate, special cold preservation engineering, environmental protection plate model, sports equipment, breeding of material, beach moistureproof facilities, waterproof material, art materials and a variety of lightweight partition board instead of a glass ceiling. The surface hardness of PVC free foam board, widely used in advertising display boards, mounting board, screen printing, carving etc..
The characteristics of the product, the processing properties of PVC free foaming plate, with sound insulation, sound absorption and heat insulation performance. The board has the properties of flame retardant, and can be used safely and without danger of fire. The series of products have the properties of damp proof, water absorption, and good shock proof effect. After the products are made of weather proof formula, the color of the products can not be changed, and the products are not easy to be aged. Light texture, storage and transportation, convenient construction. Construction using general wood processing tools. Can drill, saw, nail, plane, stick and so on like wood.
Suitable for hot forming, heat bending and folding process. Can be welded according to general welding procedures, can also be bonded with other PVC materials. Rough surface, also printed. For many years, people think that PVC is not a harmonious nature of the individual notes, think it destroys the environment, is not conducive to ecological development. 1996 in Dusseldorf airport the fire a sensation, 17 people were killed and some wrong opinion make people the PVC as the culprit for the fire, which will undoubtedly increase the people's misunderstanding of PVC.