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Product name:chiller

Equipment name, model and technical parameters
Model: 15P SWLS- (water pump, water tank)
Cooling capacity: 51600kcal/h 60Kw
Compressor form: fully enclosed vortex refrigeration compressor
Freon refrigerant: R22
Control mode: microcomputer controller
Main supply voltage: three phase 50Hz 380V
Control supply voltage: single phase 50Hz 220V
Protection function: high and low voltage protection, water system fault protection, anti freezing protection, compressor overload protection, low temperature protection, etc.
Compressor power: 17.89KW
Compressor quantity: 2 sets
Evaporator type: shell and tube type.
Chilled water temperature: 5-25 adjustable temperature difference: + 1
Chilled water flow: 15T/h
Chilled water pipe diameter: DN50
Condenser form: fin type
Condenser fan power: 0.1.35KW
Outline dimension: 2150*1100* 2000 (mm)
Weight: 1000Kg