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Product name:Crushing+nail-removing machine

Wood plastic building template crushing+nail-removing machine
wood plastic building template, except broken nail machine development background:
With China's construction industry Peng Bo development, building template is used more and more, timber resources are very scarce in China, how to solve the outstanding problems, is placed in the conscience of the Chinese people is a major problem. Game Nanjing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., with several years of time to develop PVC foaming wood plastic building template to solve the problem cannot be replaced by wood template. Now the equipment has sold dozens of customers throughout the country, the company equipment with excellent quality, high quality service by the use of praise, get the user's approval. Because the wood plastic building template can be recycled environmental protection product, but the building template, with a lot of nails, if the use of artificial removal, time-consuming, laborious, low efficiency, high cost. My company engineering and technical personnel of the urgent needs of the user, after several practical research, several tests, and ultimately developed a special building templates for the screw machine. Device success, to solve a difficult problem of wood plastic building template recycling, promoting the extensive use of wood plastic building template, reduce the felling of timber, improve the environment of the earth, for the benefit of future generations.
Two, in addition to the application of wood plastic building template grinding machine screw:
The machine uses high quality of hammer type crusher, the machine is widely used in wood plastic building template crushing, waste board material, shelves, wood pallets, plywood, packaging board, wooden building formwork material so crushed.
Three, wood plastic building template grinding machine features the nail:
1, this machine is the most outstanding can be broken with nails in the wood plastic building template (wood template).
2, this machine uses the strong magnetism principle to separate the nail and the broken material automatically.
3, the template crushing nail machine is suitable for the crushing of brittle materials, no clogging, less dust, low noise.
4, the hammer of the machine used alloy steel quenching long life.
5, the use of the roller feed, the use of high efficiency.
Four, wood plastic building template in addition to nail machine grinding:
Wood plastic building template smash apart from the nail machine of reasonable structural design, convenient operation, aimed at the problem of wood plastic building template broken apart from the nail and design, machine main structure by conveying device, a frame, a shell, a motor seat, gear shaft, a rotary hammer, conveying belt, in addition to nail device, composition, appearance design of this machine is simple, is easy to operate, strong processing capacity is relatively small power consumption.
Five, wood plastic building template crushed the nail machine technical parameters: