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Product name:PVC transparent sheet extrusion line

PVC transparent soft / hard extrusion production line
PVC extrusion transparent sheet with flame retardant from extinguish, high quality and low price, good transparency, good surface gloss, crystal points less, small ripple, impact resistance and strong and easy molding, and other characteristics, widely used in: all kinds of tools, toys, electronics, food, medicine, clothing and other industries blister, folding boxes, packaging etc..
2.PVC transparent soft plate, soft curtain, is a traditional cotton curtain replacement products. This product is soft, transparent, insulation, safety, green, environmental protection, acid and alkali resistance, no smell, easy cleaning etc., to cold insulation and heat insulation, energy saving, dust, wind, moisture, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, anti-static, anti glare, anti - ultraviolet radiation, sound insulation, table mats, lighting, industrial shock absorption, safety warning, shop floor and wall, the surface of objects door, can be used in refrigeration, food, printing, textile, electronics, instrumentation, pharmaceutical, warehousing, shopping malls and other places. The insulation of charged workplace, the breaker arc harmful, both play a very good effect.