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Product name:Gluing machine

Composite machine HF1300B type coating composed of two units, is the decorative film laminating in coating on the surface of the adhesive sheet is the necessary equipment for doors, cabinets, furniture, flooring and other industries, its low cost, high efficiency, good quality, praised by the majority of users.
Units from the plate, dust, glue, conveying frame, panel frame, pressure roller. Each roller can be a separate frequency control, the use of the German digital display, precise control of plastic, pneumatic lift, pressure adjustable.
technical parameter
The effective width of 1 plate: 1300mm;
2, the highest plate thickness: 2-50mm;
3, production speed: 0-25m/min;
5, motor total power: 7.5kW
7, - ruler inch: 6950*1640*1500 (length * width * height)
8 the whole machine has 6 inverters, of which 0.75 are 3. 1.5 only 2
9 the whole machine has 6 motors, 0.75 of which are 3. 1.5 only 2
1 into machine
Plate for the delivery of bearing fixed and manual into flat sheet one by one on the machine on, the smooth uniform into spreading machine.
Before. Carried out on the plate surface coating of dust processing, made of fine horse hair brush and, anti-static, easy dust collection, ceiling functional wind dust treatment.
3 coating machine
This machine is on the flat plate, coated with an adhesive special part, metering roller and the coating roller motor is adopted to separate control, easy to accurately control the amount of glue. Cots with three yuan hypalon material, resistance to acid and alkali corrosion. Precision digital display control up and down in germany.
4 material pile frame
The above used for surface material stacking, the following as a plate conveying platform, when the plate to touch the photoelectric conveyor stopped, and then artificial composite, the machine has a delay function, can be adjusted according to the composite speed.
5 pressing board
The two group of the plates coated with glue roller pressing. Pneumatic lift, adjustable pressure.